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It’s all a question of planning

CIOs face many issues when it comes to integrating AI into operations, but often it boils down to a lack of resources, skills, or both.

Either you don’t have the time, people, and infrastructure to deliver on an AI project, or you lack the technology, resources, and budget for an internal solution. Infrastructure and compliance also hold back AI integration–with considerable emphasis on the need for standardization across facilities and departments.

We allow you to:

Streamline team collaboration and increase

Make it easy for operational teams to understand how AI solves their challenges and how to adopt AI with minimal risk

Track productivity and data/AI performance

Benefit from an integrated infrastructure with best-in-class and open-source technologies

Create a unified data warehouse of contextualized data from different sources: ERP, MES, historian database, sensor data, etc.

“Empowering our business with Fieldbox’s deep ‘AI for industry’ expertise has allowed YCH to generate faster and more accurate insights, thereby improving overall business performance, from resource management all the way to profitability.”
Ryan Yap Head of Growth, Innovation & Partnerships, YCH

Choose a partner that can do the heavy lifting

To integrate AI into your business, you must first overcome the reasons you haven’t done so already. You need to introduce a new system without bringing operations to a standstill. With a partner who can handle integration for you, you don’t have to stretch
your resources and hinder your operations in the process.

The issue of governance holds many back from changing established processes. Take this worry off your shoulders with a partner that has first-hand knowledge of industrial IT and expertise in addressing compliance concerns for AI systems in the existing IT landscape.

Retaining oversight and balancing scope, budget, resources, and expectations on a daily basis is also a key priority. For this, a system that allows you to manage and track performance, and gives you all the information you need when you need it, is essential.




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