Use Case

Predictive Maintenance

Anticipation is the name of the game

Use data-driven insights to anticipate breakdowns and schedule preventive maintenance before they happen.

Fieldbox’s predictive AI algorithms take into account factors such as machine usage, machine settings, operating conditions and equipment-generated feedback to identify potential issues and make maintenance and service recommendations that prevent minor issues from turning into major problems, allowing you to both predict and prepare for asset failure, as well as avoid costly and unnecessary downtime.

Key benefits

Anticipate breakdowns before they happen

Use site-wide historical and individual machine-generated data to identify impending issues and predict when breakdowns are likely to happen, so you can head them off at the pass. Fieldbox’s advanced AI algorithms can even tailor recommendations to individual sites, machines, product lines and operators.

Predict and prepare for asset failure

Don’t get caught off guard when asset failure is inevitable. Using AI to predict when your machines will fail allows you to get ahead of the curve and put a contingency plan in place that will minimize the disruption to your production process.

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