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For the industrial sector, optimizing efficiency and ensuring workplace safety has always been essential. Your goal is to improve safety standards, optimize your assets, boost productivity, and increase yield. With the use of data and artificial intelligence, you can make predictions, anticipate issues and leverage all these improvements to maximize your competitive edge.

Until recently, the success of your business has depended on your people, machines, processes, and, for the last few decades, software. Now, data science, algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision, are also non-negotiables for any industrial player looking to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

It’s not enough to just build your AI solution.

You need to be able to run it too. The real hurdle with digital AI platforms is not just getting data into models and software, and then getting those solutions into the hands of real-world operators. It’s keeping these algorithms in production, performing as intended.

These challenges are why 80-85% of companies remain stuck in proof-of-concept with their AI projects.

The wall of operationalization

The hard truths of AI operationalization

Algorithms evolve over time and require regular service and maintenance to work.

User adoption is often hindered by non-intuitive solutions. 

AI improves efficiency, but running leaner brings its own risks. 

The more dependent you are on your AI, the more can go wrong if it fails.

The cost of failure is too high if your AI breaks down.

Get the real value from your data & AI

To take full advantage of data and AI technology, you need solutions that are designed and built specifically for industry. But you also need a partner who can manage these solutions for you and ensure they continue to perform reliably year after year.

As a full-service data and AI operator with a background in industrial engineering, Fieldbox help you build, deploy, run and scale data-powered business applications across your operations, managing and maintaining them post implementation to make sure they continue to perform reliably, and leaving you free to focus on what really matters—running your business.

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