Deploy Artificial Intelligence in industrial operations. In weeks.

Leverage the most advanced data technologies to change the way you operate.

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Benefit from years of field experience helps industries dramatically improve their operational efficiency with artificial intelligence. The FieldBox Platform is built from the ground-up to handle the complexity and reality of industrial operations. The FieldBox Platform makes it possible to deploy Artificial Intelligence in the heart of industrial sites to continuously optimize processes and operate machines autonomously.

For several years, we have been operating on four continents in a variety of contexts, and in different verticals. Thousands of Engineers and Operators use the FieldBox Platform daily to reach higher level of efficiency.

We are making Artificial Intelligence work where you need it,
from complex isolated operations to global, industry-scale solutions.

A triple expertise for the successful launch of your AI initiative

Solid engineering expertise

Production, process, methods, quality. We are qualified to speak with your experts and operations. We understand your constraints, your objectives and pain points. We take your operating model into account to deploy fit-for-purpose algorithms to improve your overall performance by providing the tools to better execute and reach your goals.

Leading knowledge on Artificial Intelligence

Implement the latest innovations in neural networks, algorithms and predictive models. We constantly scan the latests progress in the academics field and try out the most promising AI technology. We select robust algorithms and secure deployment routines to build industry grade AI solutions.

For disruption in operational efficiency

Solve concrete challenges that impact your competitive edge. We rely on a proven Test-and-Deploy methodology that avoids pitfalls far too common when trying to bring innovation in industry. Identify projects that can quickly bring the most value so you can build momentum, convince stakeholders and get adhesion from your teams.


The FieldBox Platform is a comprehensive industrial data platform with a robust and flexible architecture that integrates perfectly into the most challenging IT environments. Whether you have small data or big data, your Engineers will be able to connect to the sources they need to tackle sophisticated operational problems. With extensive capabilities from Manual Data Entry to AI Deployment, the platform offers a perfect framework for digitizing your operations.

On top of our data aggregation modules sits a series of applications and an artificial intelligence engine to run machine-learning and deep-learning models. With the most powerful data tool in your hands, translate your expertise into powerful applications to solve operational problems, improve efficiency and create new opportunities.

Integrating data from PLC and DCS to SCADA and Historian databases, the FieldBox Platform leverages your existing data sources to implement advanced analytics in your operations, rapidly and sustainably.

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I authorize to inform me about its offers via the contact details collected on the form. (required)