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Chief Digital Officer

Disruptive but not disrupting

CDOs are changemakers. You want to gain a competitive advantage through innovation, but avoid unnecessary disruption.

This is often a difficult role when there is already little financial margin for error or technical margin for improvement, as is the case in industrial operations, which have been optimized over a long period of time.

We allow you to:

Develop a data strategy to help steer the company’s performance

Accelerate the deployment of your organization’s data strategy

Process and deliver data in a form that can be used for a company’s day-to-day operations

Make the best use of data to assist with the company’s goals and objectives

“Our ambition is to achieve predictive maintenance because once we have learned that a certain type of crack detected in the image corresponds to a certain problem, we can intervene more intelligently.”
Meriem Riadi Chief Digital Officer, Suez

See the bigger picture

Your goals revolve around proving the impact of your initiatives to budget owners, managing your use case pipeline, and measuring the quality of what your team is producing.

However, without AI know-how and resources, you don’t have the teams or tools required to make the most of the data your team collects or demonstrate what kind of impact you are making.

At the operational level, it can be a real struggle to track business performance. With Fieldbox, you’ll have experts by your side ready to tackle your data and AI challenges with you.

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