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In both batch and process production, predictability and consistency have a significant impact on yield, quality, and of course profit margins. Basic materials, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and even cosmectics manufacturing are often reliant on precision equipment and use long, multi-step processes with little margin of error. Ensuring regulatory compliance and commercial conformity is hard without technology-based control systems.

To top it off, the ecological footprint of the manufacturing sector is high, environmental and emissions regulations are increasingly complex, and industrials are constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Global events and sociopolitical instability can lower market demand and in many cases, this leads to a whiplash effect throughout the global supply chain when it picks back up again.

These challenges result in operational requirements :

  • You have to match your own production with demand in the retail and processing industries
  • You must optimize large volumes of logistics flows around the globe – both inbound & outbound – and optimize inventory levels across multiple production sites and warehouses

AI for Manufacturing

Boost production efficiency

Identify areas where you can increase yield and reduce costs, based on historical production data.

Increase quality assurance

Improve quality control and regulatory compliance.

Optimize schedules

Predict the optimal production schedule based on inventory levels, production orders, and capacity.

Increase asset utilization

Optimize equipment allocation, inventory levels and positioning.

Achieve a leaner supply chain

Optimize ordering for parts and supplies.

Optimize inventory and material flows

Optimize inbound and outbound logistics and warehousing processes to lower lead times and reduce the need for working capital.

“Fieldbox understood how important it was for us to own our IP, so from the very beginning, we had 100% control over our solution. Thanks to them, our quality control process is faster, and we’ve been able to cut our defect rate in half.”
Technical Director Movement manufacturer owned by a Swiss luxury goods group

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