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Quality Control

Seeing quality control in a new light

Traditional quality control performed by means of visual inspections or laboratory analysis is time-consuming, expensive and prone to human error.

Fieldbox harnesses the power of computer vision technology and machine learning to help you perform quick, accurate, continuous, and cost-effective quality control inspections using advanced image- and sensor-based AI tools. Automate quality control checks and identify defects with pinpoint accuracy on a unit-by-unit basis, thanks to visual inspection tools that can be deployed quickly and easily reconfigured to accommodate changes to the production line. Institute failsafes that guarantee defective parts and products never accidentally make it to market.

Identify defects faster and with greater accuracy

Lower your rate of defective products. Automate quality-control checks and use advanced computer vision to spot flaws instantly and with greater accuracy than traditional methods, ensuring that you never miss a defect and only quality product makes it to market.

Destroy only defective product

Save money by destroying only units that are actually faulty, rather than mass discarding product batches when a single sample is found to be defective.

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