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Transportation & Logistics

Bringing transportation operations into a new realm

Transport and logistics companies operate in ultra-competitive, fast-paced, and increasingly data-rich environments. Managing this data and ensuring timely operations is essential to every type of business in this industry.

Multiple levels of subcontractors make for a complex value chain. Unexpected global events and sociopolitical instability continue to shift demand patterns, which in turn leads to various whiplash effects. With competition heating up and increasing labor shortfalls, the stakes are high to improve resilience, visibility, predictability, and of course, profitability in your operations.

AI for Transportation & Logistics

Optimize asset utilization and flow

Optimize routes, infrastructure, and assets. Improve track-and-trace visibility. Use predictive delivery slot notifications. Analyze IoT sensor and geolocation data. Forecast demand more accurately.

Improve quality of service

Find commercial opportunities in usage patterns. Feed your AI models historical internal and external data, so that they can better predict demand.

Preventative maintenance

Schedule maintenance before breakdowns happen.

Keep your workers and communities safe

Analyze historical data across multiple sites to identify trends, predict when accidents could occur, and put safety measures in place to prevent them from happening.

“With its baggage-flow prediction tool, Fieldbox allows us to better anticipate our team’s workload and book additional staff for busy days. Overall, big data helps us better manage risk and allows us to be more responsive and continually improve how we work, so that we can provide our passengers with high-quality service.”
E. Grizon Manager, Baggage Handling, Groupe Aéroport de Paris

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