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Head of Operations

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As Head of Operations, you’re nothing if not busy. Whether at the factory or corporate level, you have the daunting task of managing, delivering, and monitoring many ongoing aspects of the business and new initiatives—all at the same time.

AI projects are often initiated at the factory or local level. This reality reflects the “build up” heritage of industrial groups, as well as a pragmatic need to run pilot projects. If and when a project or use case demonstrates value, the challenge is to scale it up across the organization. However, the conditions elsewhere differ, and no one wants to start from square one each time.

We allow you to:

Get analytics that reflect your performance and help you oversee and manage day-to-day activities

Understand machine usage and get real-time information from your manufacturing operating systems

Localize daily inefficiencies and implement corrective measures

Monitor and manage multiple sites with a unique dashboard

Leverage our dedicated business and IT support team

“Real-time control of penstocks with deeper root cause analysis can help our company maintain a leading position in the field of safety innovation, and therefore support our experts in plant monitoring. This can also be helpful for early maintenance planning, which allows us to have shorter inspection and maintenance downtimes.”
Dieter Theiner Head of Engineering, Alperia

Achieve measurable return on AI

Above all else, AI initiatives must deliver clear, tangible results.
This especially holds true in areas where the competition is succeeding and failing to catch up is not an option.

Solutions that give you a clear picture of how your AI is performing, including ROI at both the corporate and factory level, will help justify your investment.

In addition, with our solutions, you’ll know which AI models are in production and which operators are using AI, in addition to gaining valuable insight into quality and performance.

Ready to get a clear picture of how your AI is really performing?

Get the analytic dashboards you need to oversee team performance, find ways to boost efficiency, assess ROI on new projects, and put AI to work for you. Want to find out more?
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