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Smart City

Bring territories into the future

Globally, towns and cities are experiencing rapid urbanization. This is putting pressure on infrastructure and utilities, not to mention having a knock-on effect on pollution, crime and overall quality of life. It has never been more crucial to make cities smarter, more efficient, and sustainable for their residents.

The development of the use of AI is enabling the full potential of territory data to be mobilized to inform political decisions and encourage citizens and companies in their environmental initiatives: optimizing the energy performance of public and private buildings, measuring the environmental impact of urban projects, accelerating the energy transition and building a circular economy.

AI for Smart City

Make better decisions

Change the way you operate and manage territories' resources through an intelligent decision-making process using data and AI.

Predictive maintenance

Implement sophisticated computer vision to monitor your networks: detect cracks, roots, and disjointed flanges at a reduced cost, including in areas of your network that are not physically accessible.

Optimize the infrastructure

Analyze data on energy usage, traffic, and pollution levels received by sensors, networks, and applications and use AI to correct and predict usage and patterns.

Increase asset utilization

Optimize equipment allocation, inventory levels and positioning.

“Thanks to Fieldbox and its expertise in Computer Vision we have now set up a new service that makes the inspection of waste water pipes much more reliable and faster.”
Guillaume Binet Head of networks at Lyre, Suez

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