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Fieldbox was born out of a need to improve the quality of information in industrial operations, and with dedication, hard work, and unwavering focus, we have been moving steadily towards that goal, day after day, year after year.

We want to continue growing, improving, and bringing innovation to industrial operations, so it’s important to us that we maintain the same dedication when it comes to our own team members and in-house operations.

This means staying on the lookout for talented, visionary, and creative people with strong backgrounds in engineering, math and tech–people who are ready to evolve quickly and grow in their roles as we grow as a company. We work hard to cultivate a work environment that is inspiring, positive, and gives our team room to learn, improve their skills, and learn new ones.

Check out our job openings below, and join us in building the factories of the future.

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What is it really like to work at Fieldbox? Take a look at our page on the “Welcome to the Jungle” website to get an overview of our team, our day to day working lives, and our latest job listings.

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