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The pressure is on to deploy AI at scale

Deploying AI at scale requires the right know-how, tools, and IT infrastructure. But it takes more time and resources than you
have to build the skills and data necessary to do it right.

How can you obtain the tools and IT infrastructure to run an AI POC?
How will you wrangle data from multiple sources?
How will you collect feedback on your models?
How will you support other departments to make the AI deployment a success?

These challenges can seem insurmountable, but your business will fall behind the competition if you don’t start using this new technology immediately.



We allow you to:

Check assumptions

See results at a glance with visual dashboards

Use standardized procedures for deploying, running, and monitoring models

Use data connectors to access multiple data sources (industrial connectors, SQL servers, flat files, etc.)

Accelerate model deployment into production

Reduce maintenance and accelerate upgrade cycles

Spend more time on high-impact work and relieve
data scientists from DevOps and software

Leverage our dedicated business and IT support

“For SNCF Gares & Connexions, developing a predictive maintenance system is essential to increase the availability rate of escalators, especially as a 99% availability rate is targeted by public transport authorities.”
Laurent Papiernik Chief Data Officer, SNCF Gares & Connexions

New tools only work if they are easy to integrate & manage

So what do you need to successfully deploy an AI project that won’t complicate your life and get in the way of your essential work?
Feedback on your models, for one thing. Open, state-of-the-art tools can give you this, so you don’t need to spend endless hours collecting, wrangling, and sharing data.

Tailor-made solutions for your industry are also key. Otherwise, you will end up with the additional task of trying to make them fit your particular needs and constraints.

Most importantly, you need the knowledge, resources, and infrastructure required to implement, manage, service, and secure all
these essential tools.

What you really need is a partner who understands you, your business, and your industry. You need solutions built for you and a
partner that will work with you to integrate and manage your new data and AI tools so that you can stay focused on more pressing and essential tasks.




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