Use Case

Safety & Risk Detection

When science serves safety

Do more accidents tend to happen after workers have completed a double shift? Within the first two weeks of being trained on a new machine? The morning after New Year’s Eve?

Fieldbox AI technology can analyze historical data across multiple sites to identify trends and patterns that may not always be apparent. Get a macro-level view of where and why accidents occur so you can put the appropriate safety measures in place that will prevent them from happening.

Key Benefits

Keep your workers safe

Every manager’s worst nightmare is to get a call and find out that a worker has suffered a serious accident or worse, lost their life. Keep your workforce safer by using data-generated insight to identify correlations, trends and scenarios that increase the likelihood an accident will happen, so you can take action to mitigate risk and prevent them before they occur. Implement AI as a redundant system that serves as an extra safeguard when safety protocols are not entirely respected.

Keep your community safe

For industrial operations, accidents also have the potential to affect the communities around them. Explosions, oil spills, chemical leaks, radiation exposure… these kinds of catastrophes can cause harm to people and wildlife on a massive scale. Use AI insights to prevent them from happening and sleep soundly at night knowing your operation is safer for everybody involved.

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