Use Case

Flow optimization

Optimize transportation, fixed & mobile industrial assets

As an asset-intensive business, you own and operate a global base of valuable fixed and mobile industrial assets.

Fieldbox enables you to be confident that you are fully optimizing those assets at all times, at the lowest operating cost. In particular, we help you position mobile industrial resources by learning from historical data in order to anticipate surges or drops in demand, traffic flow, and potential transportation delays. Make accurate predictions that take into account variables like day of the week, time of day, weather, pertinent external events, etc. This can be applied to all transportation, mobile, and fixed industrial assets.

Optimize routes and transportation

Fieldbox ensures that all routes and transportation throughout your supply chain are continuously adapted to best meet changing demand and production constraints.

Smarter mobile asset positioning

For industries that rely on mobile production equipment, in particular, construction, mining, oil and gas, and utilities, Fieldbox ensures you optimize where your assets are located at all times, to best anticipate and meet future demand.

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