A Unique Software Platform
to Collect, Unify, Control, Analyze, Model, Interpret and Operate
Industrial Data

Discover how the FieldBox is used to improve industrial operations


At, we spend our days creating the tools needed to run factories using data. Our platform makes it possible to deploy virtual agents, trained with Artificial Intelligence, to render factories more efficient and drive them towards autonomy. Here are the principles guiding our work.

Start with data

Factory data is often underused, or only very locally on a workstation or a specific production line. Machines have been used for decades. Their recent digitization and greater connectivity create a tremendous opportunity to shift paradigms. Collected in large quantities and linked to information steaming from operations’ context, data can be used to feed complex algorithms and train AI-agents. Once deployed, they assist plant operators in their daily tasks and perform repetitive tasks autonomously.

Complement with field expertise

In order to build an Artificial Intelligence that has a real impact on operations, analyzing data does not suffice. You have to go out in the field, talk to the operators and the technicians, get a feeling of how workstations and production lines are physically organized. Too often data scientists and R&D are cut off from operations because they do not have the tools to collaborate with data from industrial sites. However, in order to make the most of industrial data, it is necessary to be able to translate the expertise of the teams into algorithms.

Reconcile IT and OT

Deploying an AI on an industrial process does not have the same impact as predicting a click rate on an online ad. Special care must be taken to ensure the security of industrial computing (OT) by deporting certain processing at the edge of the network (edge ​​analytics). Thanks to these special provisions, maintaining control of the data is possible, while allowing us to deploy the intelligence as close as possible to your operations.


Centralize Your Data


Analyze Your Data


Deploy Analytics in your operations


Connect heterogeneous industrial data sources to create live streams of data.

Most of the data generated during industrial operations are not used for advanced data analytics which make it a large source of untapped value.

FieldBox supports the main industrial data format and protocols and is continuously enriching its sets of interfaces to let you promptly build an intelligence layer on top of your equipment and operations. It is designed as an open solution that is extensible at every layer of the stack. From low-level data integration, import pipeline customizations, to building custom user interface, a wide set of APIs and other tools allow you to import and export data and easily integrate with third party application.

From PLCs to OPC Servers to structured databases, FieldBox Connect ensures most of industrial data is integrated into your digitalization strategy.

Data Entry

Digitalize your operations, for real!

Before computers were deployed in factories, daily data was always written down manually. Having to report and re-transcript everything by hand is without contest a time-consuming and fallible activity.

Digitization is a foolproof way to provide immediate productivity gains! By reducing the time spent on manually calculating and reporting your data, your operations will be streamlined. When direct connectivity is not possible, we provide solution for bridging the gap.

  • Configure your reports to make sure operators capture your data in the appropriate format and unit of measure.
  • Inspection, Maintenance, Machine Parameter Statement… Take the operational context into account to design interfaces that are both specific to the industry and user-friendly,
  • Set up custom validation workflows so you can implement the four-eyes principle, and only distribute qualified data to strengthen your decision process

Asset Framework

Turn all your raw data into a scalable and coherent asset model.

When scaling usage of data, identifying and assessing quality of data sources is critical. Erroneous data sources can have a detrimental impact on the business value of your digital initiatives.

FieldBox helps you identify where your data is coming from. Digital asset models need to genuinely represent what is happening on-site from equipment- to factory-wide level. FieldBox brings a set of tools to strongly improve data quality with proper digital asset modeling:

  • Map data streams to the right source with the appropriate units of measure to avoid headaches and common mistakes encountered when converting data,
  • Organize data according to equipments, production lines, plants, sites, … to use data in the right context,
  • Implement robust data governance with fine-grained authentification policies.



Integrating new AI-based technologies in the very specific industrial IT environment can be long and complex. It shouldn’t be. FieldBox Analytics is a complete suite for analyzing production and operations data and creating AI-agents to assist operators and managers in their daily tasks. FieldBox Analytics lays out the operational ground for deploying advanced algorithmics and lets you take control over your analytics through three pillars.

Bring your data scientist
into your operations workflow.

With extended access to contextualized operations data, data scientists deliver models faster and with higher quality.

To deliver accurate predictive models, your data scientists needs easy access to operations data. Working with outdated and limited csv files considerably slows down their development process and reduce the value generated by your data lab. With FieldBox Analytics, bridge the gap between your industrial data source and your data science teams.

A data studio for Engineers.
Not only for experienced data scientists.

FieldBox Analytics provides a dedicated environment to onboard your staff into the data-driven journey.

Open-source data studio are robust solutions for core data scientists but they can be too complex to use for other for your Data Engineers, your Data Stewarts or your operations staff. With simplified interfaces and tools, your operations staff become primary actors of the digitalisation of your operations.

Enterprise-grade data studio
with 24/7 technical support.

Leverage our dedicated support organisation.

Large organisations rely on robust and well-maintained solution for their industrial operations.
However, maintaining open-source data studios at scale and providing the right level of support is complex and costly. As part of the FieldBox solution, FieldBox Analytics benefits 24/7 from our dedicated support team.


Integrate AI Agents
in your operations workflows.

FieldBox AI Agents robustly execute your artificial intelligence and machine learning models at scale in your operations.

Even a very accurate AI model will not bring any value if not actually used by your team in your daily operations. AI Agents run these models on live data stream and process the results according to their configuration: display results to Control Room operators, send SMS alerts to maintenance staff, or send PDF reports to engineers. AI Agents integrate smoothly into your industrial workflows to immediately leverage the value of your AI investments.

Orchestrate AI
from Data Lab to operations.

FieldBox orchestration technologies gives your the ability to handle the lifecycle of AI models at company scale, whether they are developed in FieldBox Industrial Data Studio or in third-party data studio.

When your operations rely on Artificial Intelligence decisions, make sure your AI is properly deployed at scale. Running multiple AI models over multiple industrial sites can be very complex, error-prone and extremely time-consuming when performed manually.

Run your installation
on the cloud or at the Edge.

Many use cases require AI to run inside a private network, behind complex firewall rules.

Cloud-only setup as can provide quicker turnarounds for Proof-of-Concept but can be hard to industrialize. We want to provide our customers the best of the two worlds and are providing our solution on a flexible architecture. FieldBox is built to accommodate hybrid setups that can evolve over time. A typical project may start with a cloud installation, before it migrates to private networks within our customers industrial sites.


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