AI for industry is different. FieldBox is built from the ground up to handle the complexity and reality of industrial operations. Whether you have small data or big data, your Engineers will be able to translate their knowledge and expertise into powerful applications to solve operational problems, improve efficiency and create new opportunities.

Our clients use to sustainably and securely augment the capabilities of their operations.

Your experts know what to do. It’s time to realize their potential.

The fastest path to sustainably deploying artificial intelligence in your operations.

Artificial Intelligence

Implement data-driven models to improve operational efficiency

In your industrial operations

Factories, oil & gas assets, mines & quarries, logistical centers…

For your operations and equipment

Motors, pumps, compressors, conveyors, reactors, autoclaves…

FieldBox AI uses your existing small or big data sources


Modbus TCP/RTU, FieldBus


GigE, Camera Link

Manual data entry

Excel, CSV, ATEX tablet

DCS, SCADA, Historian.


A triple expertise for the successful launch of your AI initiative

Solid engineering expertise

Production, process, methods, quality. We understand your constraints and objectives.

Leading knowledge on Artificial Intelligence

Implementing the latest ideas in neural networks, algorithms and predictive models.

For disruptive advancements in operational efficiency

We help you implement AI to solve concrete challenges that impact your competitive edge.

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